Mars: Chocolate giant stops sale of popular Celebrations advent calendar

Christmas looked differently last year as the country was forced to adhere to strict Covid rules. As many Britons missed out on their usual festivities, the holiday is expected to be bigger and better this year.

However, some people will be disappointed to know that giant chocolate company Mars will not be reintroducing its Celebrations advent calendar to shelves this year.

Usually, Mars launches its popular Celebrations advent calendar every year.

Last year, the iconic chocolate box made headlines as fans were furious that Bounty was the first chocolate to be unveiled as they opened their calendar on December 1.

Many Britons took to social media to announce that their second chocolate had been a Bounty too.

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It is not clear why Mars has decided to scarp its iconic advent calendar, but the company has other chocolate calendars on offer.

Both Maltesers and Galaxy advent calendars are still available to buy in shops this year.

Chocolate fans can also still get hold of Celebrations sweets in both big and small tubs.

Celebrations tubs contain mini versions of Mars’ favourite chocolate bars, such as Maltesers, Galaxy, Snickers, Twix, and of course, Bounty.

Shoppers could therefore make their own advent calendar by buying a tub of Celebrations and cutting out a calendar from a cardboard box.

Other chocolate brands, such as Nestlé and Cadbury, have launched their usual advent calendars and they are already available to buy in supermarkets.

In other Christmas food news, McDonald’s has introduced brand-new hot drinks to its range.

To get people in the Christmas spirit, the drinks come in colourful cups designed with a Christmas setting.

Earlier this week, the fast-food chain launched the Choco Fudge Latte and the Hot Chocolate Deluxe.

The Choco Fudge Latte consists of a large shot of espresso blended with steamed milk and a chocolate fudge flavour syrup.

It is then topped with a swirl of cream and a chocolate fudge flavour drizzle.

Hot Chocolate Deluxe is equipped with chocolate syrup, cream and chocolate dusting.

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