Marks and Spencer hack: Mum shares ingenious way to get 80% off bill all year round

With prices on the rise and Christmas just around the corner, saving money has never been as important. One mother has shared how she gets up to 80 percent off when shopping at Marks and Spencer. 

For example, she was able to buy a Father’s Day steak reduced from £20 to £4. 

That is an impressive saving of £16, or 80 precent from the original price. 

The mother-of-four also explained how she managed to get M&S roast chickens that had been packaged up for Easter for £2 each from the dine in meal selection. 

Speaking about her bargains, Jo said: “I do love M&S products but they are more expensive than what you would find in Asda or Aldi, so it feels great to get stuff at a fraction of the full price.

The Colin cake jars are normally priced at £4 each but Jo bagged five packs for £1 each –  this would’ve cost her £20 normally.

She also found bags of Mini Eggs that cost £2 down to 50p, and jelly sweets for 50p.

Each M&S store has a different time for discounting products. 

Jo said she usually goes into her local M&S “two or three times a week to have a look”. 

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