Home News Make domestic terrorism a federal crime: FBI Agents Association

Make domestic terrorism a federal crime: FBI Agents Association


Our country is focused on fighting the varied threats of domestic terrorism, and that is a good thing. Many are considering a domestic terrorism law, but there are misconceptions about what such a law should do.

The FBI Agents Association supports a law that creates penalties for those violent acts that meet the definition of domestic terrorism already included in the federal criminal code.

As an FBI special agent, I have spent many of my 21 years investigating domestic terrorism matters. I know making domestic terrorism a federal crime is important. It would offer an additional tool and increase the effectiveness of law enforcement personnel dedicated to protecting the public.

At FBI headquarters in Washington.

Equally important, we are not seeking a law that would change or expand law enforcement’s investigative or surveillance authorities. And we do not support the designation of groups as domestic terrorist organizations. Making domestic terrorism a federal crime would not result in the targeting of specific ideas or groups. Rather, it would target acts of violence that have no place in the political discourse secured by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


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