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'Luvvie' Andrew Lloyd Webber slammed for BBC interview: 'Stunned by the sheer arrogance'


Many of those tuning in were furious to hear Andrew had held theatre rehearsals and promised to have theatres opened by July. 

One posted: “Andrew Lloyd Webber could be using his enormous wealth to pay his entire staff and actor rosters, rather than admitting to breaking the law and make promises he can’t keep.”

Another added: “Why should Theatre’s be a special case when Sport such as football are not allowed fans back in the stadiums and ALW talks about legal action to get his own way.”

“I don’t recall electing Andrew Lloyd Webber. The scale of a sense of entitlement in this interview nearly broke the TV screen,” a third posted. 

“I was stunned by the sheer arrogance & self-importance of @OfficialALW‘s responses. People are dying but big shows can’t do social distancing ‘cos it’s not nice for the performers! I’m guessing the £ he’s losing is his real motivation. #MeMeMeMeMe,” someone else shared.


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