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Lucifer season 5, part 2: Will Lucifer say I Love You?


Will Lucifer say I Love You?

In Lucifer season five, part one, Chloe Decker laid all of her cards out on the table, again.

After catching a serial killer and saving Chloe from the hands of Lucifer’s evil twin brother Michael, Chloe said “I love you,” to Lucifer, literally bringing his world to a standstill.

As time froze thanks to Amenadiel’s (DB Woodside) power to pause time, viewers watched as Lucifer struggled to find the words to say “I love you,” back to Chloe.

When asked if he felt the same way, he said: “Detective, it’s complicated. I mean I do, of course, I do. Chloe, I…”

Sadly, episode eight ended with God arriving on Earth and unfortunately, it looks like Lucifer never got the chance to say I love you.

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As time resumed, the glass from the window which Lucifer crashed through during his fight with Michael is still falling to the floor in real-time, with Lucifer nowhere to be seen.

Many Lucifer fans believe Chloe will be under the impression he has left after she said I love you.

One fan tweeted: “She probably thinks he left because he was pressured to say I love you.”

However, another Lucifer fan had other ideas, tweeting: “She sees the broken glass, she knows something BIG happened and she will find out cause she is THE DETECTIVE.”

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However, there is a huge possibility Lucifer will not say I love you to Chloe at all.

Tom Ellis who plays Lucifer Morningstar explained to The Wrap Lucifer has difficulty expressing his feelings.

He said: “Well it ties back to dad. Here’s the thing, Lucifer knows what love is, I think, or I think he knows what that feeling is.

“But he’s just so scared to express it because he’s never had that expressed to him.

“That’s how he feels. And so that is a stumbling block.


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