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Louise Minchin addresses ‘problematic’ fall she suffered before hosting BBC Breakfast


Louise Minchin, 52, has long been into her fitness but despite her hard work training for these major challenges, she’s still experienced her fair share of falls. One of which, happened during a triathlon the day before she was due to present BBC Breakfast.

Louise competed in the 2015 Liverpool triathlon, but came off of her bike during the cycling leg of the race.

Chatting to Olympic skier & broadcaster Graham Bell on outdoor retailer Decathlon’s new podcast The Power of Ten, she remembered the fall was “problematic”.

“It’s a sense of achievement, I think, to finish any triathlon,” Graham acknowledged.

“I think we met – I think it was a triathlon in Liverpool?”

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Louise smiled as she replied: “Oh, yes. I remember that one!”

Graham recalled he was covering the event for the BBC while Louise was taking the challenge head on.

“I had a fall that day, I finished that race,” she sighed.

Graham winced as he thought back: “Yes, you crashed off, you fell off the bike and grazed your elbows.

“I was just standing there presenting it,” he laughed.

Louise continued: “I knew that my leg was numb, so I was going to have a problem getting off the bike and I got off the bike and it’s probably the same ankle,” she noted, referring to a previous injury.

“I remember my ankle collapsing underneath me, I fell on the gravel and then I still finished!

“Gosh, I’m beginning to learn something about myself. I got up and I remember getting over the finishing line and I did really well that day.”

Still managing to make it to the red sofa the morning after, she revealed she was a little disappointed as it could have been her fastest 5K she had ever done, but instead she had to make her way to the first aid tent once she’d passed the finish line.

“It could be the fastest 5K, then going straight into the the first aid tent and I said, ‘Look, this is really sore.’

“There was gravel in it and I knew it was going to get worse because I’ve got adrenaline.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.


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