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Lorraine Kelly admits ITV blunder as she forgets to put microphone on and change shoes


Lorraine Kelly, 61, is a much-loved presenter known for her morning ITV show Lorraine. However, posting on Twitter, the star has admitted she has been very forgetful this week on several occasions.

Lorraine has been appearing on air all week on ITV on her hit morning chat show.

Although viewers might not realise a few blunders happened off screen during filming.

Posting on Twitter in response to presenter Ayesha Hazarika’s comments about “lockdown brain fog”, she admitted she had also had a bad case of this.

In view of her 631,000 followers, she wrote: “Same! I forgot to put my shoes on and went on air in my trainers this week.

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“Me too, the struggle is real. I once went to put my glasses in the fridge rather than the milk bottle that was in my other hand,” added another.

“Another time I was looking for them for over an hour and found them on my head or even once I found one of my books in the fridge.”

A third weighed in, adding: “I noticed the trainers and presumed that was a new trendy look for you!”

Lorraine often interacts with her fans on the social media platform, including sharing news about her getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

She posted a video of her talking about this during today’s Lorraine and discussing what top she should wear for it.

The presenter said: “I am so excited. It’s happy vaccine day today.

“I’m getting my vaccine this afternoon. It worked out so well.

“I was so worried it would be nine o’clock in the morning.

“It’s this afternoon which is great. “Have you got yourself a vaccine top yet?

“We’ve talked about them a lot on the show but it’s now reported that sales of off the shoulder tops have gone up by almost 200 percent because they are the perfect way to get your Covid jab.”

Lorraine airs on weekdays on ITV from 9am.


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