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22 Jan 2021



Live impeachment updates: GOP House leader: Trump 'bears responsibility' for riot, but impeachment a 'mistake' 

Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington became the first Republican to announce on the House floor that he would support impeaching President Donald Trump.

“Last week there was a domestic threat at the door of the Capitol and he did nothing to stop it,” Newhouse said. “That is why with a heavy heart and clear resolve, I will vote yes on these articles of impeachment,” he said to applause from the Democratic side of the House.

Newhouse said responsibility for mob violence is broad. He said others like himself were responsible for not speaking out against violence sooner, before Trump “misinformed and inflamed a violent mob that tore down the American flag and brutally beat Capitol police officers.”

While the article of impeachment is flawed, Newhouse said he would support it.

“There’s no excuse for President Trump’s actions,” Newhouse said.

Five other Republican House members have said they too will vote to impeach Trump. 

– Bart Jansen

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz blames left for political violence

House Rep. Matt Gaetz, who has falsely suggested antifa – and not Trump supporters – are to blame for last week’s riots, said the left has incited far more political violence than the right.

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