Lewis Hamilton responds to controversial Max Verstappen crash after Saudi Arabian GP

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton says he has been left utterly baffled by his main title rival Max Verstappen after the pair shared many heated moments during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The pair came together on lap 37 after the Red Bull driver was ordered to give back first place to to Hamilton. As the Dutchman slowed down suddenly, Hamilton accused Verstappen of “brake testing” him as he nearly ran into the back of the Red Bull.

“I don’t know, I’ve been racing here a long time but that was incredibly tough.

“I tried to be as tough as I could be out there but also sensible and with all my race experience over the years, just keeping the car on track and staying clean.

“It was difficult but we preserved as a team and we had all sorts of things thrown at us, particularly in the second half of the season, and so I’m just really proud of everyone.”

More to follow.

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