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Laura Ingraham: Mainstream media acting as 'political wing of the Secret Service' for Biden


The mainstream media is treating President Biden not so much “as a subject to cover as much as one to cover for, day in and day out,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham said Thursday. 

“Their goal is to promote, protect and defend him no matter what,” continued “The Ingraham Angle” host. “If there was a political wing of the Secret Service, they’d be it. He signs an almost $1.9 trillion bill filled with bailouts and pork for COVID relief, and they cover him like they’re on the red carpet at the Academy Awards.”

Ingraham went on: “When Biden dismantled Trump’s border enforcement policies, why didn’t CNN and MSNBC report the warnings from border state governors about the impending humanitarian and health crisis? When Trump was dealing with this migrant influx in 2018, the 24/7 narrative was ‘Kids in cages!’ But now that Biden has more than 3,200 minors being kept in holding cells that are meant for adults, we hear a completely different tone.”

When Biden ordered airstrikes launched against Syria earlier this month, the host added, “although some Democrats were not pleased, the press basically nodded along … who needs [White House press secretary] Jen Psaki at all? Just let the White House press corps do all the briefings.”

The media’s dedication to “propping up Biden” is having an effect, according to Ingraham. 

“In the seven weeks he’s been in office, Biden has done nothing that actually improves the lives of the American people,” she said. “He’s actually done the opposite. He’s hurt American workers and businesses. Literally one of his first executive actions was to cancel the Keystone Pipeline. That put thousands out of work … He cares more about [Dr. Anthony] Fauci keeping his job than all the restaurant workers in the United States getting theirs back. On schools, he’s done worse than nothing. He’s putting up more roadblocks to reopening with his incomprehensible CDC guidelines and pandering nonstop to the teachers unions. And his administration is actively trying to cover up the nightmare unfolding at our southern border, one that his policies and rhetoric exacerbated and actually created.

“Despite all this, Biden’s approval rating stands at 53.2%, according to a new poll … because he has a media establishment that is willing to sacrifice its own integrity and trust to elevate a presidency that’s clearly failing to do what’s best for the American people.”


Ingraham concluded that the real Secret Service “is filled with men and women of great distinction and integrity. Their motto is ‘Worthy of Trust and Confidence’.

“But given the media’s blatant efforts to shield Biden from any serious scrutiny and spin all his policies as groundbreaking, they’re neither worthy of our trust or our confidence.”


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