Kevin the Carrot replaced in Aldi Christmas ad shock – Ebanana Scrooge toy on sale soon

Aldi fans are now able to watch a 20-second clip of the supermarket’s 2021 Christmas advert. Although short, the film introduces customers to a brand-new character.

Ebanana Scrooge is called as such because he declares, “I hate Christmas”, before the clip fades, leaving viewers wondering what happened next in the story.

Aldi has revealed that the full Christmas advert will be released on television and online next Thursday, November 11.

The discounter has not yet announced when the new character’s merchandise, including a soft toy of a banana, will be on sale.

However, Ebanana products are to be expected soon in stores and online.

Some Aldi fans will be disappointed to see Kevin the Carrot missing from the new advert.

In recent days, customers have taken to social media to express their sadness at the possibility Kevin will not make an appearance this Christmas.

Shoppers were made aware of this fact by Aldi, who wrote on Twitter earlier this week: “Sorry everyone. Due to ongoing proceedings, #KevinTheCarrot might have to miss Christmas this year. #Justice4Kevin.”

Britons joined in with the “Justice 4 Kevin” hashtag. Twitter user Andrea Dee Smith said: “If that carrot doesn’t appear over the next few weeks my child will have a breakdown. I can’t watch the reruns of the adverts on YouTube for much longer.”

User Mrs Charmaine Grindelwald wrote: “Christmas won’t be the same without Kevin the Carrot.”

Sara commented: “This year just gets worse.”

Sophie added: “Oh no!! Kevin had better show up, it’s not Christmas without Kevin!”

Twitter user Ambz said: “Worst news ever!”

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