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Kevin Clifton admits ‘my prices have gone up’ after Strictly fame


Speaking to dancer Anya Garnis on his self-titled podcast, The Kevin Clifton Show, Kevin, 38, addressed how his “prices have gone up” after his finding fame on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. The partner of former Strictly winner and journalist Stacey Dooley compared his line of work to that of artist Pablo Picasso, justifying his price hike by saying that he had put a lot of “effort, money and time” into his dancing.

Addressing a point Anya had made, Kevin relayed an anecdote where he related himself to the Spanish painter and sculptor.

He said: “You’ve reminded me about how we undersell ourselves and the value of what we do.

“That story about – was it Picasso? I think it was Picasso – I don’t want to get it wrong, but someone came over to Picasso and was like, ‘Oh my god, you’re Picasso, you’re amazing, would you draw something for me on this napkin?'”

Kevin continued: “So Picasso like draws something for them and they’re like, ‘Amazing’ and they go to take it and Picasso’s like, ‘That will be – I can’t remember the amount.”

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He continued: “This guy, like, he sort of judges on the Sunday circuit, he kicked up such a fuss on Facebook [saying], ‘These people, they forget where they come from, they forget the people that made them.’

“I’m like, ‘Sorry, you didn’t make me, I put a lot of effort and money and time into this.’

“It’s the same as the Picasso thing.”

Kevin is listed as a principal of Clifton Dance Academy along with his sister, Joanne and parents Keith and Judy.


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