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Kate Garraway steps in as Pete Bennett near tears on GMB over Nikki Grahame


News of Nikki Grahame’s death at the weekend left many fans of Big Brother heartbroken, including Pete Bennett, who was close to the late star. The pair both featured on the 2006 series and Pete joined Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain to discuss his friendship with Nikki.

However, as Pete became overwhelmed with emotion, Kate stepped in to give him a break and moment to have a sip of water.

Talking about his final meeting with Nikki, Pete recalled: “When we saw each other that night when I went over there it was like magic.

“She came out of her shell, we were reminiscing about Big Brother, she wasn’t well obviously but in here [points to head] she was still there.

“One of the most special nights I ever had with Nikki was that last night that I saw her, it was a lovely bond and experience to see each other after how many years we’d not seen each other.

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“I just thought love and support, like a real good mate, maybe I was wrong.

“I just thought she needed some good friends,” Pete continued, clearly overwhelmed with emotion.

It comes after Nikki’s mum said lockdown was the final blow for her daughter telling the Telegraph: “This last year has just about floored her.

“From the first lockdown, it was hellish. She struggled because she couldn’t go to the gym.


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