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Judi Dench goes viral on TikTok in hilarious video with grandson – ‘I like Jason Derulo’


Sam starts the video by saying: “So Ma, as you know last time we did jokes, now it’s my turn to get revenge. Pop song lyrics!”

Dame Judi Dench replies in dismay: “Ohhh Sam!”      

During the lyric challenge, which was posted one day ago, Sam tells his grandmother the first half of the lyrics and then Dame Judi has to finish the line off.

They kick things off with Jason Derulo’s Let Me Take You Dancing. She excitedly says: “I like Jason Derulo!”

However, she didn’t like him enough to get the words right. Sam prompted: “Let me take you dancing…” to which the national treasure hilariously replied: “You have nothing on tonight.”

She also defended her lyric of choice saying: “That’s actually quite a good line!”

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The next song choice was Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill. Sam started with “singing to Tiny Dancer…”

She responds “Tiny Dancer sings to me” before giving a seriously unimpressed look towards the camera.

The final song, Sucker by the Jonas Brothers. “I’m a sucker for you…” Sam starts, and Judi concludes “be a sucker back for me”.

Sam then revealed the correct lyrics: “I’m a sucker for you. You say the word and I’ll go anywhere blindly.” Dame Judi exclaims: “That doesn’t even rhyme!”

Another commented: “You can’t casually put Dame Judi on my FYP [for you page] like this, I needed to prepare”

Sam has previously proved that he is very invested in the iconic actress’s knowledge of modern pop music. In 2012, she was asked on Radio 1 if she had heard of grime artist Lethal Bizzle after he coined the term ‘Dench’ to mean cool. She told Greg James: “My grandson has told me about it, Sammy.”

Then in 2017, she appeared in a video for LADbible and appeared as Lethal Bizzle’s sidekick, learning to rap to his song Pow.

Hopefully, we can expect many more viral videos of Dame Judi to get through the remainder of the pandemic.  

You can follow Sam on TikTok @sam.williams1 or Instagram @smokeyoakey1


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