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Jo Whiley issues urgent plea for advice as sister suffers with Covid 'I feel very scared'


BBC Radio 2 presenter and DJ Jo Whiley, 55, has issued an urgent plea via social media for Covid experts to advise about her sister’s condition. The TV host revealed on Twitter just days ago that her 53-year-old sibling Frances had tested positive for coronavirus. She has a chromosomal condition which means she is severely learning disabled and has diabetes.

Taking to Twitter in the early hours of this morning, the DJ issued asked her 343,000 fans for advice

She said: “URGENT. Anyone in the LD community or any Covid Drs know how we can get oxygen into my sister.

“We cannot sedate her enough to get [a] nasal cannula/cpap mask on her & I can’t believe she’s the only Learning disabled person to not tolerate masks.”

She continued: “Or maybe she is??”

Jo’s update comes hours after she posted a picture of her sister on Instagram, revealing that her oxygen levels had started to fall.

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She wrote: “Minutes after my last post about Frances I jauntily got off the train only to be told by my waiting husband that she had been taken into hospital with extremely low oxygen levels.

“Cue Freak out. This was discovered because we checked her out with an oximeter otherwise we would have been oblivious for who knows how long?? Scary thought.”

The DJ then begged her followers to invest in an oximeter to monitor their own levels with.

“Get yourselves an OXIMETER people. They are VITAL if you’re in the Covid world,” she claimed.

Jo went on to reveal why medical professionals are finding it hard to correct her sister’s oxygen levels.

She continued: “Because she has Learning disabilities and at times extremely challenging behaviour it has been impossible to get any oxygen into her and her levels have steadily kept on falling.

“This is why all people with Learning Disabilities need to be vaccinated at the earliest possible opportunity because regardless of underlying health conditions there are a myriad of factors that make them vulnerable and put their lives at risk”.

Just three days ago Jo took to the social media platform to share her devastating news with fans.

She wrote: “Feel like I’m in a terrible film with bad plot twists.

“Late last night I got a call to say that Frances, my sister, had tested positive & has COVID.”

The radio star went on to say that despite hers and her family’s best efforts to keep Frances safe, she had contracted the virus.

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“Our worst fears realised after keeping her safe for a year & with a vaccine so close… she’s ok so far.. Everything crossed Crossed fingers.”

In a piece for The Telegraph written later that day, the Radio 2 presenter wrote about how she had been offered the vaccine before her vulnerable sister.

She said: “I, a 55-year-old amateur triathlete, was offered the jab on the day that Frances tested positive, having not received hers.

“It just doesn’t make sense to me that the person most vulnerable in this equation is still waiting.”

Less than a day ago the DJ took to social media to let her fans know she wouldn’t be on the radio.

Jo later announced online: “I can’t do my @BBCRadio2 show this evening.

“My sister Frances is v poorly in hospital with Covid. “I don’t feel shiny or happy tonight, I feel very scared.

“However I’ll be listening to @willyoung who I know will light up our kitchen in the depths of our darkness.”

Domestic Goddess chef Nigella Lawson was quick to send well wishes to Jo.

She wrote: “I so hope Frances pulls through soon. Sending you and her so much love.”


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