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Jeremy Vine speaks out on BBC dropping Eggheads ahead of new series: 'Plays to our favour'


Jeremy Vine, 55, has spoken out about BBC dropping it’s hugely successful quiz show Eggheads, which is moving over the Channel 5 after 18-years on-air. Acknowledging that times are changing and the broadcaster needs to cater to a younger audience, the host admitted that older viewers are more “loyal”, and no matter where the show goes they will follow.

The popular program sees a group of four members face general knowledge Goliath’s and try to beat them for a cash prize but if the Eggheads win, the money rolls over to the next show.

Often a huge amount of money can be at stake.

Following the announcement, Jeremy opened up about his feelings behind the move in a recent interview.

“The good old BBC are very aware that they need to innovate constantly and bring on a younger audience,” he said.

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“If you’re a successful show — which Eggheads is with over 2,000 editions — you’re always going to be vulnerable to somebody saying, ‘I think we can find something better.’”

He noted that it’s “difficult for the BBC” in that sense, but might work well for Channel 5.

“The thing that made Eggheads tricky for them was that research showed that it had the oldest audience on British television,” Jeremy continued.

“I think that plays to our favour. The older viewer is so loyal.”

“I love the fact that just as people were beginning to think we might be gone for ever, we’re suddenly back with a bang.”

Despite the change of broadcaster, the presenter reassured fans that the team of brainiacs they all know and love will also be returning for the new series.

“One of the nice things is that the set’s not changing. The music’s not changing,” he smiled.

“It was never broken; it was being rested. Sadly, Dave Rainford died last year so the very first thing we’ll do when we assemble is drink a pint and toast Dave.”

Jeremy’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.


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