Indian woman murdered, dumped in suitcase by parents for marrying a man from different caste

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An Indian woman whose bullet-ridden body was found dumped in a suitcase was allegedly murdered by her parents in an “honor killing” after she married a man from another caste.

Aayushi Chaudhary, 22, was found wrapped in plastic and stuffed in a red suitcase that was dumped near a highway in Mathura city on Friday.

A post-mortem showed she had injuries across her face and body and had been “shot twice in the chest,” according to the BBC.

It took two days for police to get tipped off to her identity — with suspicion then falling on her family for not reporting her missing, OpIndia said.

Cops then confronted her parents, dad Nitesh Yadav and mom Brajbala, over discrepancies in their stories — leading them to allegedly confess.

They reportedly told cops they’d confronted their daughter — also known as Ayushi Yadav — after she left home without their permission to secretly marry a man of a different caste, or social class.

Aayushi Chaudhary
Aayushi Chaudhary was found wrapped in plastic and stuffed in a red suitcase that was dumped near a highway.

During the fight, the dad shot her dead in front of her mom and brother, police told OpIndia. The mom helped wrap the body, which was dumped by the expressway in the early hours, according to the confession.

Police told the BBC it is being treated as an “honor killing,” a cultural crime
committed against relatives, typically young women, accused of bringing dishonor to their families.

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