How to 'summer-proof' your child and keep them safe this season

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From helmet safety to choking prevention tips, here's how to "summer-proof" your kids.

July 4 has come and gone and now we enter the second half of summer. The emergency room has returned to its pre-pandemic volume of patients. Families and kids are interacting and traveling this summer more than any time in the last few years. For this week’s column, I wanted to share some “tips from the ER” for parents on how to summer-proof and protect your kids this season.

Choking prevention tips

Nothing gets our hearts racing more in my ER than when a “code white” is called overhead. This call indicates that the paramedics are bringing a child to the ER in cardiac or respiratory arrest. Often this is due to a choking accident.

Summer is the time for BBQs and playdates with friends that often feature hot dogs, which can pose a great risk of death. Your best bet is to simply not give kids under 4 any hot dogs. If you must, cut hot dogs lengthwise or into quarters. Never cut them into round circles.

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