How to make the perfect creamy mashed potatoes – expert tips

Mr Rossiter said: “I’ve never seen a chef add cream to their mashed potatoes in a professional kitchen.

“Most Gastropub chefs rely on lots of butter, a splash of milk, plenty of salt and white pepper.

“Other pub chains use mash pellets – a bit like the instant mashed potatoes you can buy in a box from the supermarket – and butter.

“In a commercial kitchen, we tend to use a mechanical tool called a ricer to get all the lumps out and end up with a silky smooth mash.

“It looks a bit like a giant garlic press, you push the cooked potatoes through the ricer, then add butter, milk, salt and pepper.

“Being honest, I prefer to use a classic potato masher at home, and my mash never has lumps. It just takes good old-fashioned elbow grease – unfortunately!”

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