How to clean a TV screen without leaving streaks – TWO key techniques you should know

Cleaning your TV screen the right way will not only protect the delicate flat screen, but also make for a clearer viewing on a cold autumn evening. One step wrong and you could ruin your TV – so what should you really be using for a delicate clean and a streak free shine?

How to clean a TV screen without streaks

Polishing your home may seem easy but when it comes to high-shine materials like your TV, streaks can be hard to avoid.

White vinegar and distilled water have proven themselves as reliable alternatives to commercial polish when it comes to cleaning TV screens, but the key really lies in the technique.

Achieving a streak free finish when wiping dirt from your television is easily done with these two key techniques:

  • Use a gentle circular buffing motion
  • Always use distilled water

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Top tips for cleaning your TV screen without damaging it

Fixing scratches

If you notice scratch marks or small chips on your TV screen, look no further than your bathroom cabinet for some petroleum jelly.

Clean your TV as usual and apply one teaspoon of petroleum jelly to the surface scratch to fill the gap before wiping with a microfiber cloth.

Avoid harsh chemicals

While it can be tempting to reach for commercial window cleaners to spritz your TV screen, you should always avoid harsh chemicals when wiping electronic screens.

Ammonia and alcohol can ruin the protective layer of your TV screen and leave you out of warranty – which could leave you out of pocket if things go wrong in the future.

Always use natural agents like distilled water, essential oils or white vinegar for a streak-free finish.

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