Home Business How long is furlough going to last?

How long is furlough going to last?


The think tank has recommended the Chancellor to remove the looming cliff-edge ending for existing support schemes by extending them until the economy is fully open again.

IPPR’s senior economist Carsten Jung said: “This is a moment of great peril for more than half-a-million UK employers as their cash reserves run perilously low and their businesses hang on by a thread.

“More firms are already at risk than at any time during the pandemic, and in the worst hit industries such as hospitality and the arts, at least two in five employers are in the cash danger zone.”

George Dibb, head of IPPR’s Centre for Economic Justice, added: “Millions of people’s jobs and livelihoods depend on the chancellor stopping firms going broke just as the pandemic is coming under control, and ensuring that they have enough cash not just to limp through this crisis but to come roaring out of it when lockdown ends.


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