Holiday table talk

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"Especially during times that can be really tough for a lot of folks... it's so important to underscore the importance of setting boundaries, and that it's OK to focus on you," says Dr. Benjamin F. Miller.

We’ve all been there – ready to take a bite of our tasty holiday meal when it hits: a dreaded question from a family member across the table.

“Are you dating anyone yet?”

“When are going to have kids?”

“Do you really need that second slice of pie?”

While there’s often an expectation of joy, love and togetherness during the holiday season, for many families “holidays are much more complicated” and can “highlight complex family dynamics,” says Liz Kelly, a licensed clinical social worker.

Questions that span from uncomfortable to downright invasive can make an already difficult time even more challenging.

“Oftentimes relatives or loved ones, they’re coming from a place of curiosity or they want to connect, but they don’t really consider the context and they don’t really consider what that question might trigger.”

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