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Helen McCrory leaves Peaky Blinders fans gobsmacked with accent on GMB: ‘Mind blown!'


Peaky Blinders fans have loved watching Helen McCrory bring the fearless Aunt Polly to life for eight years now as the powerful matriarch of the Shelby family. The Birmingham-based drama has racked up numerous BAFTA nods and a global fanbase thanks to the BBC and Netflix. However, fans of the show and Good Morning Britain viewers were taken aback when McCrory joined Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway for a chat to discover she sounds completely different to Aunt Pol.

Alongside husband and Homeland star Damian Lewis, McCrory delved into the details of the pair’s new work with charity the Prince’s Trust.

And while the charitable efforts earned plaudits from Garraway and Shephard as well as GMB viewers, some were more distracted by the star’s accent.

“Just realised I’ve never heard Helen McRory’s real voice only her acting voices… mind blown,” one Peaky Blinders fan commented on Twitter.

A second added: “Is that really Polly #PeakyBlinders squeaky voice @GMB She sounds like the queen!”

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The GMB hosts let out a laugh at McCrory’s joke as they moved on with the chat.

And others continued to comment on the difference between the accent with Aunt Pol, with another adding: “Hells bells what’s up with Helen?!!! She sounds like a little mouse #gmb.”

Another sarcastically added: “Why is helen talking like una stubbs? #GMB.”

And a final viewer also saw the funny side of McCrory’s comments: “Kate Garraway asked Helen McCrory if she’d a sore throat as she is sounding hoarse in her interview & Helen answered, ‘No, I’ve got children.’

“Baaaaaaahahahaha. We’ve all been there. Sore throats from shouting. #GMB,” they said (sic).



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