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Gordon Ramsay praises Rishi Sunak for helping hospitality industry


Ramsay, who employs around 3,500 staff internationally, including 600 in the UK, said the furlough scheme, VAT cuts and the business rates holiday have been a “massive boost” and “pivotal” to keeping businesses afloat in the sector. The Hell’s Kitchen star said: “I think as a government, we’ve been supported better than any other country I know. “And secondly, you’ve been precise, what you’ve said you’ve stood by and delivered.

“I think we’ve been given one of the most incredible support systems from the furlough scheme, which was instrumental in maintaining some positivity.

“I think you delivered beyond. “But the downside is we have lost some good restaurants, but sadly, there are going to be casualties.” The Chancellor said he is optimistic the hospitality sector would bounce back once the economy reopened.

He said: “Economically, it’s incredibly important, but also it’s that connection with people in their communities. It just gives joy to people’s lives. It brings life to villages, towns across the country, and seeing that taken from us is incredibly sad and we have to recapture that again.”


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