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Giovanni Pernice asks for more to be done after trolls attack Strictly's Shirley Ballas


Strictly Come Dancing star Giovanni Pernice has spoken out and urged social media companies to do more to combat trolling, after head judge Shirley Ballas received death threats for failing to put him and his partner Ranvir Singh through to the 2020 final. He has now said they should “do more” and try to “control” the negative side of their platforms.

The 30-year-old dancer spoke out in a new interview.

He said: “These trolls are really, really bad.

“The companies should do more and control that side of it.”

The BBC pro doesn’t understand what propels some people to turn so nasty after watching a television programme.

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“I don’t understand why people at home wish to get that involved.

“Absolutely get sad or upset I can understand but saying to Shirley, ‘You have to die,’ because she didn’t save Ranvir – that’s too much,” he told The Mirror.

“I understand you can disagree but there’s a difference between ‘you have to die’ and ‘I don’t agree with your decision’.”

During last year’s show, Shirley received a “barrage of hatred” following her decision to put Jamie Laing and his partner Karen Hauer through to the finale during a dance off.

“In life, we all disagree on something, which I think is quite healthy.

“But I would have hoped that after the year we have all faced, and those we have lost – not just to Covid – we would have learned to be kind to others.

“Thank you to all those who have sent me messages of support, you have gone one way in restoring my faith in humanity.

“With love, Shirley,” she signed off.

In an interview the 60-year-old touched on the death threats she had received online and how it had affected her.

“When it starts getting into talking about putting you in a coffin, or saying horrible things about you, or saying the lowest of the low words you can use for a female… I guess I’m a little sensitive to that because all my life I’d heard that so I just don’t think that’s necessary.”

She went on to say that she worries, not only for herself, but for the children who are bullied at school and for people who are bullied in the workplace.


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