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Gianni Paolo age: How old is Power Book 2 star Gianni Paolo?


Paolo previously told Athleisure Mag in 2020 how he almost didn’t audition for Power because the show was filming in New York while he was working on a film on the other side of the country in LA.

However, he made a self-tape and sent it off to the casting directors before landing the part which was initially only for one episode of Power season five.

The actor managed to squeeze in the Power role as it was over the Christmas break from his movie in New York, which meant it wasn’t too far away for the star who was spending the festive period in Rhode Island with his family.

During his initial stint on Power, he was allowed to do some improvisation and it was clear he won over the programme-makers who invited him back for season six.

He subsequently ended up as one of the leads in Ghost after impressing the crew again.

Paolo said: “I was like oh my God – yes! It was literally a co-star that turned into a recurring role that turned into a lead of a whole spin-off. It’s a crazy story!”

Power Book II: Ghost is streaming on Starz and Starzplay via Amazon Prime Video now


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