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Furlough warning: Sadiq Khan warns UK faces a 'cliff edge' – Rishi Sunak urged to extend


The London Mayor laid out how he had released more money today for council tax and additional police officers and he then moved onto his financial concerns: “I’m concerned about the impact on our businesses [such as] retail, hospitality, culture, leisure, tourism, for when the furlough scheme ends and the business rates holiday ends at the end of March.

“And that’s why with businesses I’m lobbying the government to extend the furlough scheme, to extend the business rates holiday, to extend the VAT relief because if we’re not careful, there could be a cliff edge fall.

“Many of these businesses that are currently closed down temporarily could become permanent closures and those people who are currently furloughed could be made redundant.

“That’s why we’ve been lobbying the Chancellor for some time now, don’t wait until the 11th hour to make the announcement, businesses plan in advance, make the announcement now.”

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