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Furlough: HMRC update Job Retention Scheme claiming rules – everything you need to know


Furlough rules have been updated and extended a number of times and in recent months, HMRC took steps to make the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme as transparent as possible. HMRC were recommended to publish details of employers making furlough claims in October 2020 in a bid to improve the scheme’s integrity and transparency in the eyes of employees and the wider public.

As it stands, people will only need to submit one request which will cover all claim periods starting on or after December 1 2020.

Once the request is submitted, applicants will get an email confirming HMRC have received it.

HMRC will then review the request and contact the applicant with their decision.

Currently, the furlough scheme can be utilised up until April 30 as Rishi sunak extended support in late 2020.

In mid-December, the Chancellor was forced to extend the furlough scheme as it became apparent that coronavirus would continue to be a problem into 2021.

This was a crucial development for struggling workers, as it was revealed that around 10 million jobs have already been protected by the scheme thus far.

As he extended the support, Rishi made the following comments: “Our package of support for businesses and workers continues to be one of the most generous and effective in the world – helping our economy to recover and protecting livelihoods across the country.

“We know the premium businesses place on certainty, so it is right that we enable businesses to plan ahead regardless of the path the virus takes, which is why we’re providing certainty and clarity by extending this support, as well as implementing our Plan for Jobs.”

With the Chancellor’s next budget quickly approaching, many have called for the furlough scheme to be extended beyond April.

Recently, these calls received support from Sadiq Khan, with the Mayor of London detailing the following on Good Morning Britain: “I’m concerned about the impact on our businesses [such as] retail, hospitality, culture, leisure, tourism, for when the furlough scheme ends and the business rates holiday ends at the end of March.

“And that’s why with businesses I’m lobbying the government to extend the furlough scheme, to extend the business rates holiday, to extend the VAT relief because if we’re not careful, there could be a cliff edge fall.

“Many of these businesses that are currently closed down temporarily could become permanent closures and those people who are currently furloughed could be made redundant.

“That’s why we’ve been lobbying the Chancellor for some time now, don’t wait until the 11th hour to make the announcement, businesses plan in advance, make the announcement now.”

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