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From furlough fears to tax hikes – how to prepare for potential changes in 2021 Budget


Quit bad habits

“Whether it’s having the heating on for the whole day, smoking, or filling up your vehicle when you don’t need to, people tend to not realise how much money they CAN save when they realise how much money is actually being spent on bad habits.

“With higher taxes to be put on cigarettes and alcohol, there is no better time to quit.

“Fuel prices are expected to hike too, and with some of us not driving, save that money where you know it will be safe.”

Look at job security

“If you’re currently on the furlough scheme, the budget announcement might likely tell you about when this may end.

“If your job security looks like anticipation, there’s no harm in looking for other job roles. If you start to look now for a new position, and if you are successful, it will help you come out of the unemployment statistics when the scheme ends.


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