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Firefly Lane: Who is Cloud in Firefly Lane?


Firefly Lane is on Netflix now and the series is based on the tear-jerking novel of the same name by Kristin Hannah. The series follows best friends Kate Mularkey (played by Sarah Chalke) and Tully Hart (Katherine Heigl). Fans are keen to find out more about the character Cloud (Beau Garrett), and Express.co.uk has all you need to know.

Who is Cloud in Firefly Lane?

Firefly Lane is an emotional drama series which tells the story of Kate and Tully’s friendship through flashbacks and flashforwards.

The pair have been friends since they were 14 and fans find out how they continued to build their relationship.

They discover Tully had a difficult upbringing and tragic flashbacks show how her childhood impacted the rest of her life.

Someone who features prominently in the flashbacks is Cloud – Tully’s mother.

She was known for being a free spirit, but she was also a drug addict and a single mother to Tully.

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Fans see Cloud along with her boyfriend from the 1970s, Leon (Leo Rano), throughout the series.

Tully’s turbulent relationship with her mother meant she was nervous when it came to starting new relationships.

Her mother was known to abandon her on a number of occasions and as an addict, Tully had to look after her.

In the book, Cloud ended up being arrested which meant Tully had to live with her grandmother, away from her friend Kate.

After a few years, Tully attempted to rekindle her relationship with her mother.

From 2014 until 2018 she had a main role in the series Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.

In 2017, she took on the role of Jessica Preston in The Good Doctor, returning as a guest in season four.

Fans have taken to Twitter to discuss her character Cloud in Firefly Lane, with one saying: “I love Cloud on Firefly Lane. When she’s sober she’s the best. Not so great a mom but everyone goes through things.”

Many viewers have suggested an older actress should have been cast, saying she looked too young to be Tully’s mother.

One said: “Just binged and love #FireflyLane … why did Cloud as an old woman still look mid-30s though?”

Another said: “Even with makeup to make Cloud looks 20 years older she still looks younger than Katherine Heigl #FireflyLane.”

The actress is on Instagram and she posted the trailer for the series along with a heartfelt message for her co-stars.

She said: “It feels it has been eons since I have stepped foot on the glorious world of a set. Ages since I have collaborated with artists, navigated characters and walked into the folds of goodness that is created after months of working with the family you create on a project.

“Thank you @kristinhannahauthor for creating Cloud who liberated my wild side, made me tap into deeply buried vulnerabilities and challenged my own personal judgements.

“She is unapologetic. She is fragile. She is all bits of dark sprinkled with all bits of light. Thank you @netflix and @maggiemarief for giving this show wings. Can’t wait to see it soar. And to all of you actors that danced with me, can’t wait to watch and see you shine.”

Firefly Lane is available to stream on Netflix now


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