Ferrari recalls nearly every car sold since 2005 over brake fluid leaks

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U.S. National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration

Jeep has launched the newest member of it family line, the Grand Cherokee L. The three-row model plays to a new high-demand segment of the SUV market, a vehicle that carries more people without a sharp rise in the sticker price. The price range for the new model is $37,000 and $66,000, which does put […]

Though it’s not a mass-market brand, Ferrari has one of the week’s most noteworthy recalls.

The Italian supercar maker is repairing a problem with the brake fluid reservoir cap that prevents proper venting and possible leakage. It will replace the  cap and update related software in more than 23,000 vehicles made since 2005. In fact, just four models aren’t impacted by the recall.

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