FBI arrests 'suitcase killer' Heather Mack at Chicago airport after return from Bali

The FBI arrested Heather Mack at a Chicago airport Wednesday, as she’s been newly indicted on conspiracy to commit murder and obstruction of justice charges for helping to stuff the body of her socialite mother into a suitcase at a ritzy Bali resort in an alleged plot to access her trust fund. 

Mack’s ex-boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, was also indicted on conspiracy to commit murder and obstruction of justice charges Wednesday but he remains imprisoned in Indonesia. Mack was taken into custody at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport Wednesday morning, Joseph D. Fitzpatrick, assistant district attorney for the northern district of Illinois, confirmed to Fox News Digital. 


Fitzpatrick did not have information immediately available on Mack and Schaefer’s 6-year-old daughter, Stella, who was expected to be traveling with her mother back to the United States. 

One of Mack’s U.S.-based attorneys, Brian Claypool, previously told Fox News Digital he was fighting for Oshar Putu Melody Suartama, an Australian woman married to a Balinese man who has acted as Stella’s foster mother for the past five years, to take over custody should Mack be arrested. Kia Walker, who is Schaefer’s mother, and therefore Stella’s paternal grandmother, had also joined the custody battle for the girl upon her return to the U.S.

Walker did not have any comment when reached by phone by Fox News Digital earlier Wednesday. 

Mack arranged travel for Schaefer from Chicago, Illinois to Bali, Indonesia in August 2014. Schaefer allegedly exchanged text messages with his cousin, Robert Bibbs, regarding different ways to kill von Weise, according to a copy of the indictment provided to Fox News Digital. Mack and Schaefer also “exchanged messages in which they discussed how and when to kill von Weise,” the indictment says. 


After arriving in Indonesia, Schaefer entered a hotel room at the St. Regis Bali Resort while Mack and von Weise were inside the room. Schaefer and Mack proceeded to kill von Weise, placing her body inside a suitcase and loading it into the truck of a taxi cab, the indictment says. Schaefer and Mack also removed linens from the hotel room and clothing worn during the killing, the indictment says. 

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