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Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby Thomas blindsided by Jamie’s cruel suggestion over baby's future


Gabby Thomas (played by Rosie Bentham) told Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) she was expected his baby last week. The vet was not happy with the news and suggested the young woman was lying in a bid to trap him into a relationship. Kim Tate (Claire King), on the other hand, decided to respond very carefully when she was informed of the upcoming arrival, realising she could play it two ways; invite Gabby into the fold to keep an eye on her or rise up against her like her son was doing. Gabby was secretly surprised and pleased when Kim offered her a room in Home Farm, as well as taking an interest in her pregnancy journey, but this is all part of a much bigger plan. According to new spoilers, Emmerdale fans will see Gabby in tears next week when she finds out Jamie’s true intentions, and Express.co.uk spoke to the actors involved in this storyline about what is to come. 

So far, Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy), Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler), Kim and Jamie know about Gabby’s pregnancy. 

In previous scenes, Laurel hinted at Gabby to tell Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen), but she refused. 

Her own mother, Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) is still yet to find out and apparently, Nicola thinks she is the person to inform her. 

Understandably, Gabby is angry at her aunt and even more furious with Bernice because of her response. 

While Gabby rants and rages, Nicola and Diane are taken aback by Laurel not stepping in to defend Bernice and she soon reveals to the other ladies she needs to keep Gabby on side rather than risk driving her further into Kim’s clutches.

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Later on, Laurel has plans to meet Gabby in the Woolpack, and she is left struggling to bite her tongue when Gabby dismisses her warnings about Kim. 

As for how Jamie is adjusting to the news he is going to father another child, he ends up confiding in Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb). 

The newcomer suggests Jamie should apologise for his behaviour and keep her onside and he does just that. 

In a shocking turn of events, viewers will see Jamie approach Gabby and Laurel and ask the mother of his child if she wants to join him for dinner. 

While Laurel is concerned by Jamie’s invite, Gabby is elated and accepts, more concerned about what to cook for Jamie than his intentions. 

Knowing he cannot keep the secret any longer, he breaks the news Gabby’s pregnant with Jamie’s baby and has since moved into Home Farm. 

Dawn is understandably extremely annoyed, and when she arrives at the vets, she confronts Jamie. 

Despite his protestations of love, Dawn tells Jamie their relationship is over and he ’s left feeling gutted. 

Later on, Mack finds Jamie drawing his sorrows in the pub and suggests he has a solution to his problems. 

Jamie is sickened by the idea, but aware of its benefits and he is left wondered if he can really go through with such a plan. 

During a recent conversation with the actresses who play Gabby’s and Kim, Express.co.uk found out the expectant mother’s true feelings are more about what a relationship with Jamie can offer her, than the relationship itself. 

“I’ve battled with this myself, about whether [Gabby has] genuine feelings [for Jamie],” Rosie said. “I think Gabby loves the feeling of being loved. 

“She might think she’s in love with him and wants a future with him, but if she took a step back and actually looked at it [the situation], maybe it’s the external things that come with [being with Jamie] that that’s what she wants. 

“But it does come across that she [likes Jamie]. He is the only guy in the village she’s going for and then to see him going for Dawn…it’s just heartbreaking for her. 

“They [Jamie and Dawn] obviously work together and he offered her a job, and so there’s  times [where Gabby feels] raging anger about the situation,” Rosie continued.

“And there’s times actually where is it very sad for Gabby and that’s when the scheming comes into play; ‘How can I get Jamie to see me the way he sees [Dawn].’ 

“She’s older, she’s this pretty blonde girl and Gabby’s feels she wants to be that but Jamie’s not letting her, he’s not not talking to her. It’s hard for Gabby (sic),” the actress said. 

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV. 


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