Home Tv Emmerdale fans uncover 'plot hole' as Mandy Dingle witnesses Paul Ashdale kidnapping

Emmerdale fans uncover 'plot hole' as Mandy Dingle witnesses Paul Ashdale kidnapping


Mandy (played by Lisa Riley) was sceptical about Paul’s (Reese Dinsdale) shady behaviour at the beginning of Monday’s episode of Emmerdale as he kept going on about how much money Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) had tied into her house. Viewers of the ITV soap know this is because he owes £4,000 to a loan shark and currently has no means of paying back the dodgy dealer. However, when it seemed he had been kidnapped by his adversary, an altercation which his other half watched from afar, fans were confused as to why Mandy didn’t do more to catch those who had thrown Paul into the back of a van.

The questions arose as Paul was hounded by the loan shark during the latest episode, with the gambling addict telling the criminal he was going to get the money through Liv but needed some time.

Not long after, Mandy received a concerning phone call from her other half, telling her she needed to come and meet him.

In the shadow of nightfall, the animated member of the Dingle clan was seen meeting her partner on the side of a road.

After a van sped past her, she could be heard screaming “slow down” as it then grounded to a halt, metres away from Paul.

Witnessing the kidnap, Mandy bolted towards the van but she was too far away as it then pulled off in a hurry.

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In shock at what had just happened, the salon owner then received a call from the person who had orchestrated the whole ambush.

Mandy was given instructions to meet the loan shark in a specific location before they ended the call by saying: “We’ll be in touch.”

However, those watching at home seemed more distracted by a plot hole as they questioned why the mother-of-one hadn’t taken any photographic evidence of the kidnap.

With a phone in her hand for the duration of the ambush, she could have taken a picture of the number plate, which would have been fundamental if the police were to get involved.

“#Emmerdale Paul has probably set it up with his debt collector guy to pay his debts off. In fact, I’d put good money on this being a setup,” one posted.

“Hmm, did Paul come up with the idea for that dodgy dude to kidnap him so they would get the money from Liv? #Emmerdale,” a second commented.

Episodes coming up later in the week will see Mandy desperately searching for the money to save her partner.

However, she and son Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) struggle to come up with enough funds to free their loved one from his kidnapper.

When push comes to shove, the pair are finally forced to meet with the people who took Paul on the side of a layby.

The loanshark emerges from the van masked as it seems Mandy has got the ransom money from some mysterious source.

It is yet to be revealed if this is enough to free Paul or if the salon owner has played into the criminal’s hands.

Will she be forced to go to the authorities and will she be given another chance to get some evidence on her partner’s kidnappers?

Emmerdale continues Tuesday at 7pm on ITV.


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