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Emerald Fennell: The Crown star on 'very strange' experience playing Camilla Parker Bowles


Emerald Fennell, 35, graced our screens as Camilla Parker Bowles in the latest series of The Crown, playing the role alongside Emma Corrin as Princess Diana and Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles, as viewers saw the working dynamics of the infamous love triangle marriage. Based on real events, the hit Netflix show has come under scrutiny in the past, and the actress admits she was quite relieved that she was able to watch the show without the glitz and glamour that would have gone with the release of the prestigious show, pre-pandemic.

In a recent interview, Fennell revealed it was a “very a strange” feeling to be on everyone’s TV screens playing the iconic member of the Royal Family.

“In a weird way, I could be quite far away from the scrutiny around the show,” she said.

“It’s very strange to be on everyone’s TV playing such a famous character.”

She went on to explain that she was grateful that she could sit back and enjoy the show like the rest of the nation.

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But the latest series has, arguably, been a highlight of the long-running show, due to Princess Diana’s debut.

It was a highly anticipated moment for viewers, as Corrin’s depiction of the people’s Princess left fans giddy with her uncanny resemblance.

Speaking about the momentous task of introducing Diana to viewers, hair and makeup designer Cate Hall told Express.co.uk and other press that the iconic hairstyle was a “Godsend” to recreate as the actress was every bit Lady Di.

“I think the process is the same for all the characters, which is that we start by trying to get a shape [of the hair],” she explained.

“It is [recognisable], but in a way that that’s kind of a total Godsend, because it’s just so iconic, that if you get it right, it can only be her.

“And in a way, if it was a bit more unrecognisable, then you’d be relying on so many more other tricks to try and do your job.”

Cate added that Emma’s performance is what made Diana’s character come alive, saying: “She absolutely embodies it.

“Working with Emma, as soon as that wig went on – and the makeup looks quite minimal, but I’m sure you can tell what we meant.

“But that’s it. You can just see those big blue eyes under that heavy fringe. And it’s her.”

Fennell’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.


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