El Paso struggles to keep up with Venezuelan migrants: 5 key things to know

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Border authorities continued to release migrants near the Greyhound bus station in downtown El Paso Wednesday, as the number of Venezuelans and others arriving outpaced the ability of area shelters to temporarily house them.

City residents have donated water bottles, foil-wrapped burritos, clothes, cereal boxes, coolers, blankets and other necessities to the migrants – many of whom are only waiting for a sponsor to purchase a ticket out of town, or for the Border Patrol to release another loved one from custody.

A U.S. Border Patrol spokesman in El Paso said the agency has released about 1,000 people in the past week directly to the street but also is working with area shelters that can provide assistance to those with lawful claims, as well as with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain some of the migrants. Those released to the street have been granted provisional status while they await the next step in their immigration proceedings.

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