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Education Secretary Cardona: Here is my plan to get students back in schools full-time


The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest and most complex challenge our education system has experienced. It has been extraordinary to see schools, educators and families face this challenge head-on and continue to educate our students.   

But despite heroic work by educators and staff, the year-long pandemic has led to fewer learning opportunities, more kids going hungry, greater stress and a growing sense of social isolation. The disruption in school has taken the heaviest toll on students of color, students from families with low-incomes, English learners, students in rural communities, and students with disabilities —  impacting their social, emotional and mental health, and academic well-being.    

We must continue to reopen America’s schools for in-person learning as quickly and safely as possible. As Secretary of Education, this is my top priority. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced steps to accelerate school reopening nationwide by treating in-person learning as the essential service that it is and prioritizing educators for vaccinations in every state in the country.  


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