DIY ideas: Renovation couple create day bed with storage 'Stunning! Looks so cosy'

Liv, who posts updates of her renovation on @renovating_cheznous, shared her choice to turn a smallish nook in a bedroom into a chic and practical day bed.

The couple also recently used their DIY know-how to created “perfect” DIY alcoves in their home. 

Liv shared the day bed DIY update with her followers, and wrote: “We debated for a while about what to do with this. Eventually, we decided to put a day bed here. Did we make the right choice?”

“Ahhh just imaging how much you’re going to enjoy this little nook,” one follower, Rona_Renovation wrote.

Another, Claire Matern, said: “Stunning! Looks so cozy but so airy and bright at the same time.”

“The perfect place to relax with a glass of wine and a good book,” an account titled Notjustahouseaccount wrote.

Another, Tiredem, said: “Lovely, a really inviting little nook. Just asking to be curled up in with a book and a cuppa!”

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