DIY couple transform caravan into ‘jaw-dropping’ space for just £800 – saving thousands

Bex Ambler, 29, who works as a marketing and events manager for a toy distributor in Yorkshire, and her boyfriend Tom, purchased a second-hand van over the summer with the hope of being able to take their two rescue dogs on holiday. After discovering that their van had a damp problem, the couple were quoted £2,000 to rectify the situation and so decided to take on the project themselves.

“To fix it, we first bought a multi-tool from B&Q which was £50. Then we started the process of removing all the damp by chopping it away then chipping off any awkward small parts.

“Our polystyrene wasn’t salvageable so that came out too.

“Once it was all out, we used No More Nails to glue the new polystyrene to the walls and replaced the plywood.

“Again everything was from B&Q and it cost around £250 in total as opposed to £2,000 to pay someone to do it.”

“We had to get some special pipes from eBay to make it suitable for a caravan which were £17.”

The couple also installed panelling into their caravan, spending around £50 on the wood.

Bex added: “I found so many amazing transformations on Instagram and was completely inspired by the numerous accounts on there.

“We have our own page now for anyone wanting any extra tips or to know where things are from at @champagne_van_reno.

“In total, we spent around £800 on the renovation.”

It now features Scandinavian-inspired decor and the couple have turned it into a chic and comfortable space.

Tom Church, co-founder of money-saving community, commented: “What a stunning caravan Bex and Tom have created – it’s unbelievable what a transformation they have pulled off for just £800.

“The fact they managed to do the damp work themselves for just £250 instead of the quoted £2,000 is already an amazing achievement, but when you consider how drastically they have also altered the caravan’s appearance it’s even more jaw-dropping.

“This just shows you really don’t have to spend a fortune to revamp a space, using affordable tools such as stick-on tiles and DC Fix can work wonders on a budget.”

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