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Dining with the stars, multitasking surgeon, 4 a.m. last call: News from around our 50 states



Tuscaloosa: The Alabama Department of Public Health is asking residents who have tested positive for the coronavirus to participate in a confidential survey that will help experts learn more about the virus’s spread. The department said its online survey is designed to “supplement ADPH investigation and contact tracing efforts.” All answers will remain confidential, and the survey is estimated to take about five to 10 minutes to complete, ADPH said in a news release. Meanwhile, virus-related hospitalizations in the state have reached a low that compares to COVID-19 inpatient totals reported in late September and early October. Just 589 newly confirmed cases were reported Friday, with a seven-day average of 662 cases, according to Bama Tracker. According to data published by Bama Tracker, 722 COVID-19 hospitalizations were reported Thursday, down 54 from Wednesday’s report and roughly 350 fewer than the COVID-19 inpatient totals reported the Wednesday prior. The last time hospitalization numbers were in the low to mid-700s was in late September and early October, per Bama Tracker. Since last March, 7,734 confirmed COVID-19 related deaths have been reported in Alabama.


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