David Coulthard compares F1 to UFC as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen fight continues

A jam-packed evening of racing saddled Masi with various tough decisions which threaten to have lasting implications on the Drivers’ and Constructors’ standings. 

Another bizarre incident which backs up Coulthard’s concern about a lack of rules and structure came when Verstappen slowed down, under orders, to give first place back to Hamilton. 

Seemingly confused, the seven-time world champion also slowed before the pair made contact. Neither sustained race-ending damage, but it was another development which made it difficult to determine who was at fault.  

With one race to go and the Drivers’ title on a knife-edge, many are hoping for a clean race in Abu Dhabi, while if neither driver managed to finish, the crown would be Verstappen’s due to race wins. 

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