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Dancing On Ice backlash: ITV viewers fume as opening routine 'ruined' by annoying feature


Fans of the ITV ice-skating show have learnt to expect glamour, style and spectacular routines from the show. Yet during tonight’s Dancing on Ice opening routine by the pros, they performed a sequence that fans found difficult to watch. While the clown references were enough to irk some, it was the ear-piercing noise that forced many to smash the mute button.

As the skaters each have to incorporate a prop in their routine this week, the opening routine was also defined by a signature item: a whistle. 

One of the pros, dressed as a clown, kept blowing a whistle, completely out of tune with the music playing. 

Fans on Twitter were fuming: “That whistle is cutting right through me! #doi #dancingonice

“That whistle is annoying as sin! #dancingonice,” posted another viewer at home. 

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Another typed out: “Enough of the b****y whistle! #DancingOnIce”

“Can they take away that whistle? It’s doing my head in #dancingonice” pleaded another Twitter user. 

“Need a gin after listening to that whistle #dancingonice,” confessed another once the routine ended. 



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