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Dan Walker warns BBC Breakfast reporter to 'stop talking' as they 'ruin' segment


Speaking live from a hot air balloon, BBC Breakfast reporter John Maguire was describing the views over Bristol as many outdoor businesses open their doors to customers once more. However, Dan Walker wasn’t impressed with his colleague’s talking while he enjoyed the view and warned him to “stop”.

Explaining what he could see from the balloon, John said: “There’s Clifton up on the hill, you might be able to make out Ashton Gate stadium where Bristol City Football Club and of course the Bristol Bears Rugby Team play.

“Just below there, the sun coming up, breaking through the clouds, a few church spires just coming up through the mist.

“And you can see the River Avon just sneaking into the centre of Bristol after Cumberland Basin.”

He added: “This is just gorgeous and if it wasn’t or me rabbiting on it would be nice and quiet and peaceful as well.”

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Louise Minchin replied from the BBC studio: “It’s really wonderful to see that this morning, enjoy the trip,” before John revealed he’d be there for an hour or so.

The cameras continued to show the views of Bristol, as Dan quipped: “John in the nicest possible way you said it yourself, if you could just stop talking for a bit, we can enjoy the view, that’d be lovely.”

The segment was exploring the reopening of the hot air balloon business across the UK.

It comes as an easing of lockdown restrictions began on Monday, meaning some “non essential” industries can reopen.

It comes after Dan, 44, announced last week he would be stepping down from his other role as host of Football Focus.

He has fronted the role for 12 years, and speculation has been rife as to who could fill his shoes.

However, the BBC has reportedly signed up Alex Scott, 36, to oversee proceedings on the show after being a pundit for the network for several years.

A BBC spokesperson told Express.co.uk: “An announcement on the new presenter will be made in due course.”

“We had very few grants because we’re based at home, a lot of balloon companies are due to the nature of the business.

“So it’s very, very hard. It’s great to be back in the air and looking forward to a much more positive view this year.”

Co-owner Clive added their business is also weather dependent, which makes it more tricky.

Taking off live on air, John added: “That gets pretty hot, I’m due to have my haircut later on, and I’m glad I didn’t, if it was any thinner on top I’d have burnt my scalp on that.”

BBC Breakfast airs every morning at 6am on BBC One.


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