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Dan Walker responds after eagle-eyed fans spot One Show distraction: 'Who was that!'


Dan Walker, 44, had to explain what was going on behind him during an appearance on The One Show on Wednesday evening, after eagle-eyed viewers spotted something going on in the background that left them distracted. Featuring on the chat show to discuss the biggest news of the week in the sporting world – the European Super League – Dan had to reveal who was behind the waving while he was giving his interview with Michael Ball and Alex Jones.

Dan appeared via a live link from the Match of the Day studio kitchen, which had a frosted glass wall backing onto the corridor.

Despite not being transparent, viewers were still able to see figures walking past – one of which decided to pull a prank as he realised he was on TV.

As the BBC Breakfast presenter addressed the apologies by some of the “top six” [Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Spurs] English football club owners, who wanted their clubs to join a new breakaway league which many fans and critics believed would have led to the demise of football due to “greed”, a figure walked past the glass and began to wave.

Causing a little bit of a stir on social media, some viewers took to Twitter to find out who it was.

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Chatting to Michael Alex Jones, the presenter admitted this might just be the tip of the iceberg, despite the widespread backlash crushing the proposal of limited relegation and guaranteed hefty financial payouts.

“Many football fans today are probably thinking that they’ve won the battle but might be still losing the war,” he shrugged.

“Ticket prices are still really high for some football fans, shirts still cost a bomb – and you’ve got owners coming out today and apologising for being in this European Super League, but I still feel many supporters feel that’s not the case.

“I don’t think this is finished, there might be sanctions, there might be transfer restriction for some of the clubs involved in this, there might be point deductions.”

He gushed over how millions of fans pulling together “saved the game”, as the owners may now realise the power that a football fanbase actually has.


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