Cruise guests issue first day holiday warning of 'crazy delays’

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Cruise passengers usually don’t have much to worry about on holiday. Crew will try to take care of passengers’ every need.

However, one cruise guest shared a stressful experience on Reddit and warned passengers not to make mistakes when it comes to booking flights.

They said: “My flight was supposed to leave a little after 1pm. Then it was 2pm. I’m guessing it will actually depart at 5pm. A full four hours late.

“The increasing delays may be irritating but since I am flying in the day before I can just be mildly annoyed as opposed to crazy anxious.

“If I was flying on the day of, I would miss my cruise. Money aside, I would be crushed to miss my vacation.

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“I may stumble onto the ship tomorrow a bit bleary from lack of sleep but at least I know I’ll make my cruise!”

Cancelled or delayed flights can be extremely stressful if a passenger is on a tight schedule to make their cruise.

Cruise ships won’t wait for passengers with delayed flights unless they booked with the cruise company.

Even if that’s the case, the ship won’t always be able to wait as it will need to meet the port’s schedule.


Guests will then need to meet the ship at its next destination and will miss a valuable day of their vacation.

Another passenger added: “A night or two in a hotel is cheap travel insurance, and gives you a chance to explore your port of departure.”

Although staying in a hotel could be an extra expense it ensures that passengers won’t miss the ship.

Guests will also have a chance to explore the first destination and won’t need to feel rushed or stressed.

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“I travel a lot for work, and I’ve had some crazy delays on about half of my trips in the last year.

“We weren’t about to chance it, after waiting this long to cruise again.”

A passenger said they had seen too many fellow guests miss their cruise after choosing to fly in on the day.

Guests could opt for an early morning flight if their cruise ship departure is in the evening as that still may leave enough time to allow for delays.

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