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COVID and school: No, we can't open like the NFL


Randi Weingarten, head of the nation’s largest teachers’ union, spoke to “Meet the Press’” Chuck Todd last week about getting teachers back in the classroom for in-person learning. 

When asked for models for safe return to work, she cited the National Football League, which played an entire season of full-contact football starting in September of 2020. 

“If the NFL could figure out how to do this in terms of testing and the protocols, if schools are that important, let’s do it,” Weingarten said. “My members want it. They just want to be safe.”

Right now, roughly one third of American public school students are coming up on a year of no in-person instruction, according to website Burbio, which has been tracking school reopenings across the country. Another quarter are offered hybrid learning, in person for part of the week. Evidence has been mounting since the summer that children, especially elementary-school age, are not frequent COVID spreaders. Throughout the school year, private schools and open public schools across the country (and abroad) have shown they are not hotbeds of COVID transmission. 


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