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COVID-19 impact: Work from home more appealing than return to 'business as usual,' Harvard survey shows


Despite potentially longer hours, most Americans enjoy working remotely and want the option to keep doing so post-pandemic, according to a new Harvard Business School Online survey.

As COVID-19 forced countless companies to let employees work remotely and presented new challenges such as readjusting their home life and fighting Zoom fatigue from numerous virtual meetings, most of the 1,500 people surveyed say they excelled and even grew in their professions. 

“I think it’s a combination of factors, like a Jekyll and Hyde, so to speak,” said Patrick Mullane, the school’s executive director. “We love working remotely in some ways; it gives us more time to focus, spend time with our families, and no long commutes back and forth to work.

 “We found out that we can do a lot without having to be face-to-face as COVID really forced that issue,” Mullane said.

A woman working from home having a video meeting.

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The survey, released on Thursday, comes as many Americans continue to work remotely more than a year after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic and as more Americans are getting the highly-sought COVID vaccinations.


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