Colorado police release video showing detained woman struck by train while cuffed in cop car

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A high-speed locomotive plowed into a parked police car with a handcuffed suspect in the back seat as at least one arresting officer ran for his life, a disturbing video released by Colorado police on Friday shows.

Yareni Rios-Gonzalez, 20, was locked in the cruiser, which was parked on tracks north of Platteville, Colorado, the evening of Sept. 16. She could see and hear the freight train coming and “tried frantically to get the officers’ attention,” personal injury lawyer Paul Wilkinson said. Rios-Gonzalez tried to escape from the car, but the doors were locked, Wilkinson said.

“She saw the whole thing coming and believed it to be the end,” he said.

The newly released body camera video shows officers handcuffing and putting Rios-Gonzalez into the driver’s side back seat before searching her truck, which was parked just ahead of the train tracks. The sound of a blaring train horn can be heard moments before the northbound train hurtled into the passenger side of the cop car.

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“Stay back!” one officer yelled, possibly to other police at the scene, just before the impact. An officer can be seen quickly retreating from the parked cruiser before it was hit.

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