Christian Horner explains Max Verstappen's stance in Lewis Hamilton investigation

Christian Horner says Max Verstappen was just being “inquisitive” when he was spotted looking at the back of main title rival Lewis Hamilton’s car after Friday’s qualifying session, sparking an investigation for the Red Bull driver.

Concerns were raised when FIA F1 Technical Delegate Jo Bauer checked Hamilton’s W12 car and impounded his rear wing over a possible Drag Reduction System (DRS) infringement following Friday’s session.

But the plot thickened as Verstappen was then summoned to the stewards over an alleged breach of the FIA International Sporting Code relating to parc ferme conditions.

After setting the fastest time, Hamilton was seen clambering out of his car to the cheers from the Mercedes team, however, a fan video showed Verstappen looking at the rear of the Red Bull, and then seemingly checking his rival car too.

With both drivers under investigation ahead of sprint qualifying, both of the main title protagonists could be facing separate penalties.

When asked by Sky Sports F1 what Verstappen was doing looking at Hamilton’s car, Horner replied: “As we see with many, many drivers, they sometimes have a look around what’s going on with the other cars.

Hamilton denies he’s ‘rattled’ Red Bull despite beating Verstappen

“That all it was, a bit of inquisitiveness, but nothing more.

“We’ve seen it before, we’ve had drivers pulled up clutch panels, we’ve had heads in cockpits, we’ve front wings tested, cars rolled around so it’s not something that’s unusual.

“It’s never been brought up or even discussed previously.”

Earlier in the year Mercedes accused Red Bull of having a “bendy wing”, however, the Milton Keynes-based team insisted their car is fully in line with FIA regulations and accused rival teams of trying to ‘slow down’ the championship leaders with their complaints.

Subsequently, the FIA stepped up to include tougher tests on wings, but with such controversy across the season. Horner believes Verstappen was just interested in their rivals set-up.

He continued: “I think obviously Mercedes’ straight-line speed very impressive. So I think he’s maybe just having a look at that. Drivers are very inquisitive animals sometimes aren’t they, and we’ve seen that many, many times.”


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