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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ makes surprise discovery after switching up midweek lifestyle


Chris Evans, 55, often discusses aspects of his personal life on his Virgin Radio show and on Friday’s instalment, he revealed he’s given up drinking midweek. But he realised by implementing this tactic, it’s curbed his cravings for one on the days he allows himself to indulge.

While chatting with his co-star Vassos Alexander about cutting back on his alcohol intake, he said: “It’s the absence that makes your pallet fonder.

“So, every night between six and seven when I used to have one cold beer form the fridge and/or a glass of wine with my dinner, I just don’t anymore!” the radio DJ beamed.

And he noted that by practising this habit, it’s stopped him wanting one at all.

“I can already feel at tonight [Friday 9 April] I’m not going to want one as much as I wanted one last night when I couldn’t have one,” he explained to Vassos.

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But he quickly added, chuckling: “I’m still going to have one, don’t get me wrong!”

Vassos laughed as he replied cheekily: “I am going to want one… and I am going to have one!”

It’s not the first time Chris has decided to give up the midweek splurge having taken part in Stoptober, an initiative where participants don’t drink for the entirety of October for charity.

He also wrote about how easy it was for him to do so in his book Call the Midlife, where he explained how he went to chat to someone at Alcoholics Anonymous as fear was “playing on his mind.

“I went to see someone from AA about drinking,” he wrote in his auto-biography.

Having turned 55 on 1 April, the legendary radio DJ wondered whether Virgin Radio would want him to continue hosting his own show as he gets older, using the corporate structure of businesses as an example.

The current retirement age in the UK is mid 60s but in the entertainment industry, that all depends on the individual.

“It’s interesting for us because of my age,” Chris said.

“Because I’m 55, will Virgin Radio want me to be on who I’m 65?”

He used Andrew Neil’s forthcoming news channel GB News as an example, where some of the newly recruited presenters are older than 50.

“It’s all on you isn’t it, how you feel,” he admitted.

But it doesn’t look like the dad-of-five has anything to worry about, as he revealed he’d been chatting to one of the show bosses who confirmed they are building his program to last.

“That’s exciting, well it’s exciting coming in here anyway!” Chris beamed at the thought of being able to stay in his job for the foreseeable.

“It helps you relax a bit more, its a different feeling, building it to last.”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.


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